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This profile page summarizes all known activity of the organization National Mining Association related to Renewable Energy. This organization may have appeared in articles supporting this topic, against it, or in a separate context: this biographical entry simply demarks this organization as appearing in content suggesting contextual association with Renewable Energy.

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All Media Count   313
News Count (W/Clustered)   305 (97.44%)
Distinct Stories   222
Blog Count   5 (1.60%)
Tweet Count   2 (0.64%)
Shared Tweet Count   1
Links Tweeted   0
Combined Tone   1.15
Combined Polarization   6.87
Combined Activity   0.69
Combined Personalization   0.69
News Tone   1.13
Blog Tone   2.12
Tweet Tone   2.08
First Seen   3/29/2009
Last Seen   12/3/2013
News/Social Ratio  97.44%
Attention/Loyalty  180 / 2951 days (6.10%)


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8.39% (26)
0.97% (3)
90.65% (281)
86.77% (269)

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Related People

The following names occur in articles mentioning this organization:

Barack Obama   40.89% (128)
Luke Popovich   31.31% (98)
Hal Quinn   19.81% (62)
George W Bush   12.78% (40)
Lisa Jackson   10.22% (32)

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National Mining Association   99.04% (310)
Environmental Protection Agency   36.42% (114)
Clearview Energy Partners   15.02% (47)
Bureau Of Land Management   14.70% (46)
Us Chamber   13.74% (43)

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Related Worldwide Cities

The following cities worldwide occur in articles mentioning this organization:

Washington, District Of Columbia, United States   37.70% (118)
Houston, Texas, United States   9.58% (30)
Clearview, Washington, United States   7.35% (23)
Romney, Texas, United States   7.35% (23)
Beaumont, Provence-Alpes-CD'Azur, France   7.03% (22)

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Related Countries
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United States   18.53% (300)
Canada   18.53% (78)
China   18.53% (63)
India   18.53% (39)
Australia   18.53% (31)

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Related Global Regions

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RhAlpes, France   7.03% (22)
Provence-Alpes-CD'Azur, France   7.03% (22)
Uttaranchal, India   4.15% (13)
KAvn*, Denmark   4.15% (13)
British Columbia, Canada   2.88% (9)

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Related US States

The following US states occur in articles mentioning this organization:

Washington, United States   57.19% (179)
District Of Columbia, United States   41.85% (131)
Colorado, United States   25.24% (79)
California, United States   18.53% (58)
West Virginia, United States   18.53% (58)

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Outlet Location Countries
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United States   18.53% (209)
Canada   18.53% (7)
Scotland   18.53% (4)
South Africa   18.53% (3)
Poland   18.53% (2)

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Greenenergyrep   0.32% (1)[Profile]
smithynews   0.32% (1)[Profile]


Top News Outlets

This organization tends to be mentioned in articles from the following news outlets:

Eenews.Net   9.27% (29)
Thehill.Com   2.56% (8)
Yahoo.Com   1.92% (6)
Sacbee.Com   1.60% (5)
Businessweek.Com   1.28% (4)

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Top Blogs

This organization tends to be mentioned in articles from the following blogs:

Irjci.Blogspot.Com   0.32% (1)
Motherboard.Vice.Com   0.32% (1)
G2power.Wordpress.Com   0.32% (1)
Ecothrust.Blogspot.Com   0.32% (1)
I-Will-Survive.Com   0.32% (1)

News Articles

All 305 news articles:


RARE EARTHS: Blunt amendment to defense bill looks to spur domestic production, create cooperative -- Tuesday, December 3, 2013 --

...... supply chain problems or that sweeping changes to existing mining laws will actually result in supply chain security , he said I wish it were that simple the National Mining Association is on record supporting both the Amodei approach but also the compromise language from Murkowski and Wyden Despite the intense focus on the rare earths issue , Congress has yet to approve any major ......

(583 words by
Tone: 0.99%
Pol: 5.29%
Act: 20.99%
Per: 0.00%
Que: 0.00%
Exc: 0.00%

Coal industry calling for flexibility - FierceEnergy

...... to support , manufacturing jobs in the state Flexibility is important because each state energy mix and energy needs are different , Hal Quinn , National Mining Association president and CEO , said It would be unwise to diminish the role of a plentiful resource like coal in our energy mix just as new technologies allow us to use it to generate electricity in way ......

(574 words by
Tone: 3.81%
Pol: 8.46%
Act: 24.38%
Per: 1.00%
Que: 0.00%
Exc: 0.00%

Pro-coal arguments win the day at Denver EPA hearing on CO2 regulations — High Country News

...... that produce large amounts of coal the tour includes dates in Illinois , Texas and Pennsylvania - which all ranked in the top ten as recently as , according to National Mining Association figures the distance didn't seem to stop many coal industry employees from making the long trip to Denver last week , with speakers hailing from Montana , Wyoming , North Dakota and Minnesota ......

(1251 words by
Tone: 0.54%
Pol: 7.07%
Act: 24.15%
Per: 1.16%
Que: 2.13%
Exc: 0.00%

The Trouble With the Global War on Coal -

...... hoping that exports would be their lifeline It will restrict the market for US coal and for mining machinery , complained Luke Popovich , a spokesman for the National Mining Association , adding that the rules could hurt American companies such as Caterpillar , which exports coal-mining equipment the move will probably also provoke unhappy pushback from the world other top coal ......

(920 words by
Tone: 0.62%
Pol: 7.79%
Act: 23.28%
Per: 0.31%
Que: 0.00%
Exc: 0.00%

Peak coal passed in 2008, group says | - Work

...... , coal use rose more than percent over the first six months of compared to the same period in , according to the EIA Hal Quinn , the president of the National Mining Association , said Oct in a meeting with Bloomberg editors and reporters that coal use is projected to be up percent this year compared to , and its use will continue largely unabated through ......

(484 words by
Tone: 2.13%
Pol: 5.62%
Act: 25.97%
Per: 1.16%
Que: 0.00%
Exc: 0.00%

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Blog Posts

All 5 blog posts:


Power Plant Carbon Emissions Limits Proposed Environmental Management & Energy News Environmental Leader | G2Power Solar & Renewable Energy Forum

...... the analysis also says a carbon standard would reduce energy bills by about per month the coal industry , on the other hand , attacked the power plant rules National Mining Association NMA president and CEO Hal Quinn called them risky and said they will lead to higher utility bills and significant job loses the EPA is recklessly gambling with the nation energy and ......

(501 words by
Tone: 2.36%
Pol: 7.07%
Act: 22.79%
Per: 0.39%
Que: 0.00%
Exc: 0.00%

The Digital Economy Is a Massive, Escalating Energy Suck | Motherboard

...... does all this mean for the environment Right now , coal is fueling the lion share of electricity in the world , which is why the research report was sponsored by the National Mining Association and the American Coalition For Clean Coal Electricity , most likely in an attempt to illustrate coal rsquo s important role in powering the future But many groups have advocated for looking ......

(1102 words by
Tone: 2.13%
Pol: 4.69%
Act: 20.90%
Per: 1.37%
Que: 9.30%
Exc: 0.00%

Surprise! Coal & Nuclear Power are Keys to Obama's Energy Plan | I <b>...</b>

...... that aren't built using new technologies that capture carbon dioxide and store it underground , a key part of the Obama energy plan Luke Popovich , a spokesman for the National Mining Association , said he believes Obama will be pragmatic about the need to keep coal in the nation energy mix He presumably would be sensitive to the impacts of energy policies given the perilous state of ......

(3096 words by
Tone: 2.02%
Pol: 6.20%
Act: 23.47%
Per: 0.70%
Que: 1.82%
Exc: 0.00%

The Rural Blog: Natural gas escalates its war with coal

...... approach to lowering emissions , Soroghan writes Mr Hayward is obviously unaware that coal is America most abundant energy resource , Carol Raulston of the National Mining Association told Soroghan I'm consistently surprised that one of the world wealthiest companies would suggest Americans should forgo good jobs and affordable electricity from coal so that oil and gas can ......

(343 words by
Tone: 3.06%
Pol: 9.17%
Act: 27.22%
Per: 0.00%
Que: 0.00%
Exc: 0.00%

Ecology to Economics

...... , weeks before the Copenhagen summit the Sponsorship In Climate change Conferences Of Chevron , Shell , BP , Exxon , Australian Coal Association and Americas Power , National Mining Association , US Oil Gas Association , Texas Oil and Gas Association , Alberta Oil , besides dozens of energy equipment manufacturers in the fossil fuel segment is truly unbelievable as they are all investing ......

(4066 words by
Tone: 1.05%
Pol: 7.74%
Act: 22.63%
Per: 0.34%
Que: 1.91%
Exc: 1.91%


All 2 tweets:
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... We posted our weekend review of the week that was in renewable energy - This Week In Green Energy....

(22 words)
(02/20/2010 at 09:04:07 am)
[View Original Post]
Tone: 0.00%
Pol: 0.00%
Act: 22.73%
Per: 9.09%
Que: 0.00%
Exc: 0.00%


...Group touts mining as part 'new energy economy': Renewable energy advocates say wind and solar power are becoming ...

(24 words)
(02/10/2010 at 9:26:58 pm)
[View Original Post]
Tone: 4.17%
Pol: 4.17%
Act: 29.17%
Per: 0.00%
Que: 0.00%
Exc: 0.00%

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